Tosa Edition

The 'Menso-re-Okinawa' Gourmet Diary! was so popular that we decided to present this Kochi Edition. This time the delicious food samples below were arranged by NTT Kochi staff members and all verbal exchanges were carried out in the Tosa dialect. Equivalent English expressions have been provided below. Please Enjoy!

On that note, here is the Gourmet Report!

H:Wow, the food just keeps on coming doesn't it? What's this one?
Shop MasterThis one's a kind of shellfish called"Chanba" (which means swordfighting in Japanese) it's a little troublesome to prepare but it tastes superb!
K: Why is it called "Chanba"(sword fighting)?
SM:Well, you have to use a long toothpick in order to eat the inside of it. When people eat it like that they seem to be attacking it with a kind of mini-sword. That is the origin of the name .
Y:Really? Is it difficult to eat it?
K A little, but it's fun and tasty!
H:I can't eat it at all. It keeps breaking halfway when I pull it out.
SM:Yes, I can see that. Don't worry, keep trying and you'll get it (laughs).
SM:This one is also shellfish.It's called"Maigo Shellfish"I reckon it's easier to handle than 'Chanba'
H:Yeah, you're right. I can handle this one without the toothpick.
K:It tastes kind of like turban shellfish. This hard part is delicious!
Y:This sauce is pretty good too, isn't it.
SM:Yes, we also prepare a special sauce for it.
N: Mmmmm, Mmmmm, Mmmmm (eating sounds).
SM:You may know this next one as it's quite famous.It's"Shutoh" (salted liver).
K:You say it's famous? I've never eaten it.
H:What!? You've never tried it?? You must have at least heard the name!
K:Well, I'm not from Kochi, am I?
Y:So, in that case "Shutoh" must be a gourmet food for people from other prefectures, mustn't it?
K:I guess so. Wow,this is spicy! What's it made from?
SM:This one is the salted guts of a bonito fish.It good to eat while drinking sake.
SM:You can also eat this with rice. It's not as spicy if you eat it like that.
SM:Now, let's try some fresh water fish.
H:Hmm? What's this?
SM:This is "Aosa-nori Tempura"made from fish was caught in Shinmanto river
K:Which one? which one?
SM:Here you are!
Y:It has quite a strong smell. What is it?
K:It looks like a sweet.
H:Just eat it with salt and you'll find it's suitable for adults.
SM:The water in Shinmanto river where it was caught is very clean. It's good for the taste.

SM:This one has the river's taste too.
H:This one?!
SM:It's "Tenaga fried shrimp". It was also caught in Shimanto river.
K:It's crackly and smells good.
SM:When it's Summertime you can take out a house boat and eat on the river.
Y:Wow, that seems so stylish.
K:I bet it's cool.
H:Yeah, imagine drinking cold sake while you're eatting. It's sounds great.
SM:You've got the idea now. You can make your own salted fish dishes.
H:Oh, I'd really like to try that!

H:Wow, this one's amazing too!
SM:It's Shimizu-saba Sushi! Isn't it superb?!
K:This portion is really thick, isn't it?
SM:Yeah, just right for you (laughs).
Y:I'll pass this one. I'm already full.
K:No,no, there's still more to come.
H:What's this citrus fruit?
SM:It's "sudachi", or "citron". Go on, try some. It's good.
H:Mmm, Mmm, it's too much!
SM:This is called "Nagareko"
H:It's like abalone!
K:It's fairly tough, isn't it?
Y:Mmm, it makes me chomp.
SM:It's just bite-size, so you feel like you can eats heaps, don't you?
N:Not exactly, I'm pretty full now....
SM:The food order is a little odd, but won't you try this salt fried "Haranbo Bonito" too?
SM:Haranbo is the fatty part of the fish, it's like Tuna's 'toro'.
K:This would be tasty with some oil, wouldn't it?
Y:What's this one?iindicates small portion in upper right corner of the photojB
SM:That one? That's the "Bonito's heart"
Y:This is the first time I've eaten this too. It seems like protein food.

Phew, we ate and ate so much great food!! In Kochi all the ingredients are so fresh that you don't have to do much to make a great meal.At least that was the impression I got. Please everyone come to Kochi and eat tasty food until you drop (like us).

NTT Kochi Gourmet Staff