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Team Name Number of participationsNotesA remarkCast a Vote
Growing Company3Last year, we had 150 dancers who danced like crazy from the begining to the final party. A total blast! This year will be even wilder-- join us!
Central Group8Our motto:
The best from us, and the best to you!
Our practice is SERIOUS!
We are going to get the grand prize again this year. Watch us!
Arajin6In a return to our old style, we are going to be WILD!!!
Set your soul on fire for three days and nights! Come on baby, light your fire! !
Team La Classe3Check us out! Street Performance by La Classe. Mouthwatering to see. Delightful to hear. Come get your satisfaction, baby! We're bustin' our humps for the 43rd Yosakoi festival.
Forget competition, child, "La Classe" is here to party!
Unity Beat6Tosa festival IS great 'sake' and a great summer!
Festival fools get together! This is summertime in Tosa.
3 days in Tosa-- get down!
Before you know it, you'll be groovin' with Unity Beat!
Shimamura Photo Studio Dance Team
8Cool tunes like Lenny Cravitz
No Enka!
Mukokuseki8Memories of last summer.
Dreams of the next.
This summer, let's drink!
Summer means Mukokuseki Yosakoi.
Ryoma Prize
President's Prize
Daito Bunka University Kochiites Team5Every year college students from all over Japan join us. But we've gone global. Come on foreign students and other foreigners, join in for free!!
Join Daito Bunka University Team and move into the 21st century.
Kochi Youth Hostel Team28With open hearts and hand in hand, friendship through dancing is our theme.
Most of the team are Youth Hostel Members.
But you don't have to be! Even folks from outside Kochi are welcome.
Sweat together, and make friends!
Kochi Seikyo (Co-op)8Father and son, with a friend, or by yourself...
Come one, come all, it's a festival!
Take this chance and make friendship.
Get to know lots of cool people. Everybody is a star.
JR Shikoku Team29A team of JR workers, their families, and friends.
It's our 10th anniversary! This is our big year. Our dancing's happy, cheerful and fresh.
Rikujo Jieitai Kochi Chuton-chi26This is the 30th anniversary of Kochi Post, The Ground Self-Defence Force.
We will dance in camouflage again this year.
Last year, we were on TV all over Japan on the program 'Self-Defence Force Tokyo Music Festival '95 (Magnificent March).
Fujitsu Group6From the first, we've kept the motto 'hand made by employees.' Limited time, limited funds, but each dancer is going after the 'good dancer medal.' We'll do our best this year again.
Tosa Highschool Class of '46
Yosakoi Team
3It's our 25th anniversary of graduation.
Papa's got a brand new bag, and so do we! New music, new costumes and a brand new dance.
Sanuki Odoranna ("why don't you dance" in the Kagawa dialect) Team3We've been so busy since last year! We're the talk of Kagawa Prefecture! Command performances like 'kannonji City Zenigata Festival', 'Toyonaka Town Autumn Festival' and so on. thank you very very much! Oh my God! Wallow in sensual pleasure! Dancers galore!
Great quality! Wave after wave of dancers! We always draw a full house! Hey! What more do you want?
MEDIA CROSS6Your dreams dance. Your hearts dance.
We aim to connect!
MEDIA CROSS Get way way down-n-funky!
Tosa Ryo23Tosa Ryo is a dorm for college students from Kochi in universities and colleges in Tokyo.
We're college students! Hey! We've got what it takes!
Tokyo Shigaku 6 Daigaku Rengo (The United Team of Tokyo 6 Private Universities)36We esteem tradition.
No dancer need be disappointed. You can join us very easily, too.
TEAM RISE.3One time I skipped a year of Yosakoi. Don't know why, but summer weren't nothin' but a yawn. Yeah, dancin's hard work! Bust yer butt, mor'n likely. But ya can't beat it. It's like home! Goin' home again this year. Y'all come on now.
BBS Ohashi Dori43Last year, we changed our team name into 'BBS Ohashi Dori' and we started a new chapter in Yosakoi history. We got the 'Regional Good Team Prize', too. Don't miss us. We are greater than ever!
M's factory2Pleeeease!
Come on and boogie with us!
Mokuba5Hotter than ever! We are NOW! We are HAPPENINNG! But we're regular folks, so anybody can enjoy us.
Ebisu Shibaten Team, Kyomachi
ĆEShin Kyobashi
40We are merchants of a typical street arcade shopping area. We bring good luck.
Forget about economic slumps, forget about bad news. Feel warm with a traditional team like us.
Asahi Yosakoi Festival
35We still need more dancers, especially Asahi kids.
TRUCK Kochi-ken truck
Kyokai (association)
6Our dance expresses 'stillness and action', 'beauty and power' to the evocative musical imagery of wind/ forest/ fire/ mountain
Enjoy Tosa mid-summer with 'TRUCK'.
Oyadoren Kochi-ken ryokan & Hotel
cooperative association
42Our main dancers are young women of inn and hotel workers. We've also danced at various sightseeing spots in Kochi.
ĆuWith our 'Oyadoren Shamisen Band', our music and dance are very Japanese and simple -- cool costume, too.
Nishiyama Group Kochi Toyo-
Pet Dancing Team
40Last year, everyone said, 'neato!', 'way out!' and 'We've got happy feet!'
This year we celebrate the 40th anniversary of company's foundation. Better than last time, we want to become 'splendid'.
Meiji Seimei (life insurance company)8New music, new dance. We'll be energetic dancers saying 'We love you from Meiji Seimei'
Yamada Daiko (Japanese drums)3Great Japanese Drums of Yamada shake the earth of Tosa.
Yosakoi is a harmony of sound and nature. Yamada Daiko always strives to balance traditional Japanese drums and Yosakoi.
Suga Yosakoi Ren Chibikko
Team + Little Players
3Genki kids will be the main dancers again this year.
This year's theme is 'The Tropics'!!
You'll see lots of 'Tropical' kids.
Honiya5The joy of 'Matsuri' ("festival") and goodness of 'Wa' ("peace" or "Japanese Style") are expressed in our music and dance. Both dancers and audience can get off on it. We're very relaxed team.
We welcome you even if you join this Yosakoi for the first time. You're sure to have great times and memories. This year, we are earthy and elegant.
Beverly Hills4Our team consists mainly of general applicants and customers of our shop. We've been getting better year-by-year, and we're back again, better than ever. We want to make the whole festival happy and full.
Kochi Shimin Kensho Suishin Kyogikai (Kochi Citizen's Charter propulsion Conference)21Anybody can join us in the middle of the festival.
Every year, we welcome kids, seniors, disabled people, people from outside Kochi...everybody. We wear new paper 'happi'(=costume).
Asahi Shokuhin (Food Company)23This year again, our style is 'wa' ("peace" or "Japanese").
"Gorgeous and cool" Don't miss Asahi Shokuhin, better than ever.
Prefectural Govenor's Prize
KawarunikaarandebutWe join this first time. Our goal is to make a team for grown-ups to have a good time.
Our team has a grown-up feel, expressing Tosa men's powerful spirit, and Tosa women's strength and sexiness.
Kochi Shinbun Hoso Kaikan
Group(Kochi Newspaper and Broadcasting Hall Group)
15Our goal is to make a festival great for dancers, audience and all those who take care of this festival.
We want to make a team that everybody can join and enjoy.
Saenba Shotengai (Shopping area) Dancing Team38We are dancers from Saenba shopping area.
Megane no Miki & Young 'Nu
bijun' Club
4Since last year, we've been trying to be a grown-up team. Really!"
Kamimachi Yosakoi Naruko Ren43From a common shopping area dancing team, we are totally renewed.
We express Nature in Tosa in our music, dance and costume. We make the festival shine!
Mitsubishi Jidosha group (Mitsubishi Motorcar Group)12Nothing can beat us, not even the bright sun or blue sky or growing trees!
YOĆI Mitsubishi Dancing team. Summer's hot and so are we. Catch our strut!
Art Wave8Eternal love for summer.
Great illusion of heat and noise signifying ...?
Ride the Art Wave High -- again!
Home run6Endless history and people's friendship make this festival great.
We respect that history and add another page to it.
Shikoku Kaihatsu Group4"When in Rome, do as the Romans do" and when in Tosa, boogie on, children!
We made our dance in the Yoksakoi tradition of 'freedom' and 'creativity.' Enjoy!
Obiyamachi-suji Dance Team42Our goal is to make a laid back and cool team. Our main dancers are young adults from Obiyamachi shopping area.'89'
Prefectural Mayor Prize
President's Prize
NIKE SHOP MODEL3We've got legs! And we know how to use them. We're dancers from Lea Shoes Shop.
And check out the authentic Michael Jordan autographed shoes (the real McCoy!) on the Band truck again this year.
We are going to give Air Max, A. J to a MVP dancer.
MYCAL4We are the two-time defending champions of the Eve Festival Special Prize.
We also scored big with the regional performance prize last year, too. We're going to do even better this year.
Royal Takagi (beaty parlor) & Shikoku Kei
bi Hosho (guardmen company)
6We'll kick your booty with our powerful Chinese style. "Everybody wang chung tonight!"
Obiyamachi-suji Junior Team9we are young kids from Obiyamachi shopping area.
debutOur dance is New York style. Cool & happy.
GAIAdebutClub freak, DJ, dancer and model.
Our inspiration comes from Goa, India, where the playboys and playgirls from all over the world gather and party down.
We'll show you what one of their private beach parties is like. Experience our Goa bliss.
Irimajiri Group Dancing Team31Dancers and staff are Irimajiri employees and their families.
We dance and sing with the Yosakoi original tune 'Yosakoi Sakura Bushi'
Kochi Gakuen Tandai and Kochi
Rehabilitation Gakuen
25We have to study, you know, so we don't have a lot of time for practice. But hey, we give it our best shot for the glory of our school!
Shikokuk Bank42This is our 42nd year of participation and from the start, we have embodied original and traditional dance.
Women wear 'Shugegaza' (a special bamboo hat) and play the 'Naruko' (wooden clappers). It's our goal to pass on traditional Naruko Odori to the next generation.
Nikkyoso Teacher's Union, Kochi Branch4Our music is our union song, of course, and we carry our union mark on the back of our happi. We dance in the spirit of solidarity.
Kochi Perfecture Construction Association3The KCPA is full of youth, vigor and life. Our policy is to protect the environment and harmonize the town with the wild.
Mikazuki Daini Kindergarden15Ninja from the forest of Fukui dancing team
Kochi-ken ritsu Jissen Nogyou Daigakko (Kochi Prefectural Practical Agricultural College)15Our motto is 'Have fun & be happy'. Dance happily in summer. We are trying new things, too.
Feel our passion. We go way beyond last year's 'monkey' shtick. Look forward to it.
Rissho Koseikai31Rhythmical and pop music, opposite of traditional Japanese dancing. Parents and kids will dance together.
Beat the heat by checking out our cool smiles and bright costumes.
Godaisan Kodomo-kai Dancing Team5Hey, kids! Don't let the heat get you down! Party On! Older kids lead younger ones. Make your body strong enough to kick the winter flu right away.
You can't miss 'Yosakoi Naruko' in summer. Keep rhythm in childhood.
Kochi Daimaru40Enterprise Group consists of employees of Kochi Daimaru.
Rhythmical and organized dancing is our goal.
Tompu CELEBRATIONS3Tompu CELEBRATIONS will make not only dancers but also audience smile...
That's us.
Mikazuki Yochien (kindergarden)14Our happi is very cute --highlighted by bandanas and tights (spatts). Kids dance happily in fashionable costumes.
We put a rhthmical Samba beat to the Micky Mouse March.
Hitachi Team7Joining regional summer festivals has been our Hitachi Group's big summer event. We've been having fun.
JA Kochi-city7We want to make this team ageless for members of JA & their families. At home and happy.
Yubin-kyoku Team (Postal Office Team)12Our motto is 'Postal officers living in your town' and we have been participating various events in various towns. We walk with your town in the spirit of community.
Kokusai Design College ( College of International Design)4Embodying our school's uniqueness, everything, from planning, designing, and producing is all hand made. Our goal is to make it ourselves and make everybody join in and dig our groove.
Stay tuned and check out our music and truck!
Nihon Seimei Kochi Shisha (Nihon Life Insurance Company Kochi branch)18We, the 'Nissei dancing team,' value our friendship and connection with each other.
Maintaining tradition, we also have a new style, and everybody has fun. Cheer us on.
Kurumi Yochien (kindergarden)17Blow this hot summer away with kids' joyful voices!
Nomura Shoken, Kochi Branch 32Our dancing is classic. Enjoy the timeless Yosakoi festival.
Kochi Fukushi Senmon-gakko(Kochi College of Welfare)
Shikoku Iryo Kogaku Senmon-gakko (Shikoku Medical and Technical College)
6The music, the dancing, the costumes, we did it all! And we're just students! Ha! watch us shine!!!
Sawada Gakuen
Misato Yochien (kindergarden)
16It is a combined team of younger kids and older ones. Parents help a lot by making costumes.
ENNOKYO Tosa Kyokai
10New threads! Check out our Japanesey long happi coats.
Our dancing runs from 'traditional' to 'jazz dance' to 'hip-pop'. It's the hardest dance in our 10-years of Yosakoi.
Noichi Dancing Team 14We have a live band truck this year done up like Yatai-boat. Our dance was designed by Mr. Ichiya Bando from Nihon buyo Bando-ryu, a traditional Japanese dancing society.
Tsukushi16Our team consists of kids organized by the staff of our child care center.
Senshu Daigaku Kochi Kenjinkai (Senshu Univ. Kochiites)24Senshu University means green and we've got your green right here!! Rhythm and youth in your face.
Kochi Gakusei team (Students' team)debutStudents' hand-made music and dancing. We are the fresh spirit tomorrow.
Kochi-shi Koto Kango Gakuin (City's nursing school)16A co-ed team, our costume is dark blue happi with the word "Nursing" in white on the back.
Yes, we SAMBA.
Our truck's theme is the smile of nurses.
Kochi-shi Gairo Ichi Kumiai Rengokai (Union of city street markets)33Refined traditional performance.
High-way Ren6Check out the dudes' costume--the black of Kochi's pacific current and the blue of Kochi's sky. The chics are in road sign orange-- you bet you'll look! (It's one of the image colors of Japan Highway Public Corperation.)
Dancers are from 9 year olds to folks in their 50s. Our dancing is easy enough for anybody!
NTT Kochi Group31Our costume is mustard yellow and blue. Also our Yosakoi-bushi is bright and refleshing. Our truck is decorated with 'Multi-media guy, Musashi Miyamoto, the two-sworded samurai guy in the NTT commercials. Dancing design is in the Bando-ryu style as last year. We love to dance.
Kochi-shi Kodomo-kai rengo-kai (City Kids' United Association)19We reved up our fun and perky dancing. We are a little different from last year. Don't miss us!
Ground Betty
7We explode with creativity and power.
Daio Group10We are the Daio Group
Kochi Daigaku Nanmei Ryo (Kochi Univ. Student Dorm)13We rock and roll with our own band. Catch our signature costume and dance.
Kochi tanki Daigaku (Kochi Junior College)12It's just a little bit different from last year.
Suginoko 3 kindergarden Chibikko Team12Kids become lions. Grrr!
Kinki Daigaku Koyukai Kochi Shi
bu(Kinki Univ. alumni)
debutOur alumni Kochi branch has opened. Our team is brand new and friendly team. Anybody, young or old, can join and dance and have fun.
Tosa Sameura4We are cross-section from small village. We can't dance like crazy, but we're a peppy bunch!
We have a log-filled truck 'cause we're from the logging community of Tosa-cho.
New costumes, too. Check us out.
Kamobe Sumire Kodomo-kai (kids' club)27Kamobe sumire Kodomo-kai rules!
Musical 'Ekin'debutNovember 3rd and 4th, a musical 'Ekin' will open at Orange Hall. Our dance team is made up of our actors and actresses. The instructor and composer of the musical will take part too. Hand-made costume and truck--not flashy but very sharp and well done.
Kansai Chiku Daigaku Rengo (Kansai area United Universities Team)28This team made up of students from 8 different universities inn Kansai, so we wear 8 different costumes to reflect that. We came up with our own music and dancing.
Kochi Ginko42We are Kochi Bank.
YONDEN36Our theme is 'return to the roots' We're reviving traditional dancing that anyone can do so that everybody can have a good time'. Come see the revival. We are planning a progressive Yosakoi with that basic idea.
5We're back after 6 years. A new generation of dancers has arrived and we are reborn. Look, Ma! We're freshmen again!
Our theme is 'Katsurahama with the moon and Ryoma Sakamoto'. Catch at our Samurai performance.
Tosajoshi women's Jr. College2All the Tosajoshi women prepared the costumes, truck and dancing...etc.
Kansai-chiku Daigaku Yosakoi Do
debutMiddle-aged hipsters from United Universities in Kansai cut a rug! In Yosakoi, we relive our student days. This is our youth!
Twins' BranddebutNo, you're not seeing double, we're twins ages 1-year-old to elementary school plus parents. So each set of twins wears the same costume, to kind of keep things straight. We formed this group to make memories for the kids (Yosakoi in the next century depend much on them) and to advertise Twins' Brand, a twin-raising circle.
Kochi Shiyakusho Dancing Team (City Office)43Male: happi, female: yukata. Traditional good ol' Yosakoi.
Umegatsuji Chonai Dancing Team32We designed our team based on red and black, invoking the bright Japanese summer.
Nihon Daigaku 8Nihon University team returnes to Yosakoi after 5 tears.,
Our members are mainly Nihon University graduates and students. It's hot and happy team. Our happi is pink, which is a school color, with our emblem on the back. We turned a traditional Japanese tune into pop. We are a speedy young team.
Takasu Kodomo -kai Rengo-kai (kids' association)5Kids decorated the truck. Look at each one of their hand prints.
We dance in the sun with power and energy like sunflowers.
Motoyama-cho Sakura18We are proud of our own crafted costume, music and dancing.
Minsho Group8Yosakoi with a hot Latin rhythm!
Kochi Shinyo Kinko12We are Kochi Credit Union.'95'
President's Prize
BARSTdebutWe are BARSTing at the seems to get out there and dance!
Kyoto Gakusei 'Yume Oji'debutWe, "The Dream Street Dancers," want to maintain the flavor of Kyoto. Traditional gracefulness of Kyoto mixed with students full of power...They live in our music and dancing. We got together for Kochi people to see new Kyoto.
Otsu Kodomo-kai Naruko Odori
10Happi's basic color is green, our club color. On the back, a happy face.
Sei+C-NAS2Our beauty shines in Yosakoi's bright atmosphere.
We're students and we're going for it!
Kochi Kencho Team (Prefectural Office)39Very traditional good old Yoskoi Naruko dancing in the Wakayagi Ryu style.
Kochi Daigaku Nissho-Ryo Dancing Team (Student's Dorm)31Two kinds of dancing. Music with the dance is outstanding.
SaradebutEnergetic youth in hot burning summer!
Pop Idol costume!
SEEDSdebutThis team consists of only highschool students.
Highschool students planned, managed, made the costumes, music, truck decoration, dancing design and ...everything!
We bring a Green message to Kochi and hand out seeds along the way! Seed Power!
Kochi Kogyo-senmon-gakko (technical college)14We're a little concerned that our dancing can't catch up with high speed music. But fear not! We know we can do it with out youth. Check out a reborn Kochi-Kosen.
Aki Kodomo-kai rengo-kai (kids' club)5Rock music and the truck decorated with neon are cute.
Amagasaki Buzen-kai24Our dance is close to traditional Naruko Odori, but it's a crowd pleaser to both young and old alike.
Last year, we couldn't participate this festival because of Hanshin Great earthquake, but this year, we're back with the motto: 'Friendship Naruko with the young and the young at heart.'
Hokkaido Godo Team4We are the executive comittee of YOSAKOI SORAN (a powerful festival tune of Hokkaido) FESTIVAL.
Kensetsusho Kochi Jimusho (Ministry of Construction, Kochi)4Costume: The emblem on the back of our happi means river stream and ocean big wave, and also means power and energy for the development of Kochi
music: gentle, sometimes wild, samba beats the heat of summer nights.
truck: the Ministry of Construction takes care of river, road and ocean construction. So the design of truck reflects bridges and tunnels, rivers and oceans.
Sunny Group14We bring you the future of the Yosakoi Festival.
Sa-sa Yotchore Odoroyo
2ĆuBasically, a festival is something open to everybody. So anybody, wearing any old costume, from anywhere can join. Come on and join us if want to dance!
Gokuraku TombodebutWe are Gokuraku Tombo. (Happy dragonfly)
Mitsuishi Naruko-kaidebutcostume: Reversible. One side is a livery coat design with and 'Good fishing flag'. This is a big scene of our performance.
truck: in the image of a fishing boat of northern Japan.
dancing: We are not professionals, but, hey! we're pretty good! Feel the drama.
Hokkaido, Mitsuishi-cho. That's where we are from.
Sumitomo Seimei Dancing Team6We are We are sumitomo Seimei (life insurance company) Dancing Team.
Kanou Kensetsu3We are Kanou Kensetsu (construction company).
Miyazaki Furusato-matsuri Senden
debutCreative dance: 'Samba Imogara-bokuto' by students of Miyazaki University. This music is a Samba arrangement of a Miyazaki Prefecture folk song.
Daikan Minkoku Minzoku Geino 'Sam Runori'
debutWe wear bright colorful Korean folk costume and sing a Korean folk song using drums and bells.
Information from: Yosakoi Shinko-kai

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